About Quarantine

Before request of mutant lines, please inquire of the quarantine office in your country and provide us with the required documents to facilitate immediate processing of the requested seeds. Also take note that the insertion mutant lines are NOT genetically modified (GM) plants.


    http://www.aphis.usda.gov/ (USA)
    http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/toce.shtml (Canada)
    http://www.affa.gov.au/ (Australia)
    Import permit is not required for research purpose. (UK)
    Import permit is not required for research purpose. (South Korea)
    http://en.ciqcid.com/ (China)
    http://plantquarantineindia.org/ (India)
    http://www.deptan.go.id/CAQ/plant.htm (Indonesia)
    http://www.doa.sarawak.gov.my/pq_services.html (Malaysia)
    We can not follow situations of all countries. Please search and contact the quarantine office in your country.
  2. Send us the "Biological Material Transfer Agreement For Academic Research" (2 copy), "Request Form" and the "Import permit". If the permit are not written in English, please enclose the English translate (or Japanese translate, if possible) of permit. We do not accept forms via Fax. Please send us forms by airmail. Also we do not accept hand-written (except for your signature) forms. Please register to this web site and then prepare documents by clicking the Seed Order link.
    Mail address is
    Dr. Akio Miyao
    Functional Genomics Laboratory / Rice Genome Resource Center
    National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences
    2-1-2 Kannondai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8602, Japan
  3. When we receive forms, we will begin to prepare seeds for distribution.
  4. Upon receipt of the first order made for FY2004 (April 1, 2004 - March 31, 2005), the NIAS will send an INVOICE for payment. Please pay the amount indicated by bank transfer. The requested materials will be sent as soon as we confirmed the payment in the bank. The start of the Japanese fiscal year is April 1. If the first order is made in March, the invoice for payment may be dated in April and will cover all orders for that FY. Seeds may particularly take some time to prepare. It is suggested that request for seeds be made around January or February if you want to be in time for sowing in April. We do not accept payment by credit card or check.
  5. We will go to the quarantine station at the Narita airport twice in one month to obtain the phytosanitary certificate, if required.
  6. In the case of USA, seeds will be send to Plant Germplasm Inspection Station at Beltsville, Maryland. You will obtain the seeds via the inspection station. If the import permit does not describe the requirement of the phytosanitary certificate, we will send the seeds without the certificate to the quarantine station. FedEx (and maybe DHL) require the phytosanitary certificate issued by Japanese government to export rice seeds from Japan.

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